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Place at Galleria – 3 Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Apartment

Tuesday, 08 May 2018   11:53

Not only does keeping things stored properly provide you with additional space, but it also helps you stay organized and know where to find what you are looking for. If you want to get organized and free up some space in your Hoover apartment, check out the tips for maximizing your storage space listed below. … Continue reading “Place at Galleria – 3 Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Apartment”

5 House Cleaning Tips to Keep Your New Apartment Spring Clean

Wednesday, 11 April 2018   18:01

Although the idea of spring cleaning might make some of us want to cry, a recent research study revealed that a clean apartment actually makes us happier, more productive, and stress-free. The same study also revealed that a clean home is beneficial for families. A clean environment was found to increase children’s positive behavior and … Continue reading “5 House Cleaning Tips to Keep Your New Apartment Spring Clean”

5 Benefits of Living in Apartment Communities

Friday, 23 March 2018   15:56

From knowing that someone always has an eye out, to that shared pool or laundry room, there are many benefits to apartment communities. Here’s a few. A 2017 study showed that over 110 million Americans live in apartments throughout the United States, and living in structured apartment communities has a number of major benefits! Are … Continue reading “5 Benefits of Living in Apartment Communities”

5 Gorgeous DIY Room Decor Ideas

Tuesday, 20 February 2018   19:46

With nearly¬†70% of home decor projects¬†work being Do-It-Yourself projects, more people are feeling empowered to customize their homes. With millennials spending more time at home than any previous generation, it’s important to make a home feel unique. The only challenge can be coming up with DIY room decor ideas. Even though so many items, from … Continue reading “5 Gorgeous DIY Room Decor Ideas”